Friday, April 16, 2010

And watch the upholstery!

Community visit check list:

Sensible shoes with closed toe and flat soles? Check.

Comfortable clothes that can be stripped off and washed of all pet hair, lingering cigarette smoke and unidentified sticky substances IMMEDIATELY upon returning home? Check.

Hand sanitizer? Check.

Lint brush to remove endless tufts of cat hair from clothes and car seat? Check.

Bed bug spray? Check. (yes, apparently this exists and is supposed to protect me. Yeah right.)

Disinfecting wipes for hard surfaces in vehicle if transporting client? Check.

Well organized binder including notebook, client folders, pens and any standard forms client may need to sign? Check.

List of local resources for handy referrals? Check.

Contact information for supervisors, crisis line, and emergency responders? Check.

Business cards? Check.

Keys attached somewhere on my person with a karabiner? Check.

Left all valuables at home? Check.

Blackberry at the ready for any and all emergencies? Check.

Tim’s card for when self or client needs caffeine therapy? Check.

Purse securely locked in trunk? Check.

More hand sanitizer? Check.

Face masks left over from the H1N1 scare? Check.

Barf bags? BARF BAGS?!? Dude, get OUT OF MY CAR! You do NOT need to go to the drug store so badly that you can’t cancel your appointment when you’re HEAVING!

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