Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Yourself Together Man!

So you know how sometimes someone will leave a message on your voicemail, and then fail to hang up the phone afterwards? Sometimes all you end up hearing is what television program they're watching, or the rumpled sound of being tossed into a pocket or purse. Sometimes however you are lucky enough to hear something a little more exciting! These calls seem to happen a lot when working in mental health.

Today’s such message goes like this:

(msg left by a client for a coworker on my voicemail, my comments in italics)
Hi Liz it’s Mr. Defective. I tried to call you earlier, but I couldn’t find your number (duh). I’m wondering if you could send me a taxi, I really don’t want to miss this appointment (he’s calling at 1:24 for a 1:00). If you could call me back that would be good.

(apparently this is where he thought the call ended)

…f**k, what is this shit?.........ah-choo!.........BURP…this is such shit, I was going to call before, but…ah-choo!............ah-choo!......ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choooo!!!!!!

My co-worker is not here today, so I don’t even know if he made it in on Friday. I kindly forwarded the message to her ;)

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