Monday, August 23, 2010

Whoa, Stop the Presses!

Or maybe "hold the phone!" would be a better choice of phrase, as the presses do seem to be working which is precisely the point of this post.

Ah, maybe I should just get to said point.

I faxed some consent to release information forms out today in hopes of getting some hospital records for a file before I present it on Wednesday, knowing full well I'll be extremely lucky to see them before the end of the week.

But lo and behold, one hospital faxed the records to us within the hour! Within the hour!

I have never seen this before. I was so excited I wanted to tell somebody, and since my partner-in-crime is on vacation I went to make my supervisor my witness (I'm sure she didn't have more important things to do).

Of course they weren't the psychiatric records, they were some medical records we wanted as supporting documentation. It would have to be a medical hospital that we almost never NEED records from who would be timely about it. But hey, I'll take what thrills I can get! (sad, isn't it?)

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