Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"The Longest Day" or "What am I doing here?"

Note: meant to post this last night, but was too wiped

I am sooo tired today after doing practically nothing.

First thing this morning I went with a client to the Courthouse to attend a free legal clinic. It is one of those places where you take a number then wait. And wait. And wait some more. Three hours later we saw the clerk for about 5 minutes (she was very helpful) before we got out of that place.

5 minutes to eat my lunch (yay! what luck!)

Afternoon spent tracking down the next client (inner monologue: I just saw him just yesterday, and rearranged my schedule to help him out today, wtf is the big idea disappearing now grr), then taking a long drive through traffic to get him to a treatment session at a downtown hospital. That clinic was running late so we waited. And waited. And dozed off….*snork* wha? What happened, where am I? Oh, and waited…I brought a book this time, so at least I was entertained when he finally went in for his appointment. And I waited. And texted my boss to beg her mercy for missing a team meeting I was supposed to be at right that minute. 2.5 hours spent before we left.

Then waded back into traffic for the long slog to get him home. Only to turn around and head right back into it to finally arrive at MY home where I try to reflect on the ways that I helped today.

What a day.

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