Monday, August 15, 2011

First day back from vacay, 9:01am

This is what greets me...

Problem: My client rents a basement apartment where the landlord and his family live upstairs. They went away for more than 3 weeks and did not leave her with contact information if anything goes wrong. They also did not leave her with any way to get her mail as it is delivered to their post box (to which they have the key). She has bills due, but does not know the names of the companies, or the amount of the bills.

Solution(?): She wants me to come and hang around the post box all afternoon to intercept Canada Post and obtain her mail.* She figures they will give it to me (as opposed to her) because I'm her "worker". Sometimes I wish that pseudo-title held half as much weight as many clients seem to think it does.

*NO, I am not going to do this (as if I even had time). I'm seeing her ASAP to help sort something out, and determine if she will let me talk to the landlord when he returns. Oy.

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