Monday, October 3, 2011

Operator, what's wrong?*

The fax came through, but the page must have twisted or crumpled a bit, because the extension number was obscured.  Tried to guess at the number, but guessed wrong (sorry to have bothered you ma'am). 

Called the main line of the hospital and gave the new "automated voice system" a try, but the computer figured that "Andrea" was close enough to "Angela" and patched you through wrong again.

Called the main line, pressed 0 for the operator to ask a real person.  They gave you the extension for the department, which didn't even match the 4 out of 5 numbers you could read on the original document.  Spoke to a very nice lady who told you no, you need to call our downtown location.  Gave you that number, and you give it a whirl.

Another helpful sort answers the phone only to tell you:
1) the person you want to speak to is not in today
2) the whole department closed half an hour ago &
3) you'll need a new release of information before you speak to the person you've been trying to reach anyway.  The one you have is out of date.


*I dial stupid number all day long! 6060-842


  1. They make that in Canada, too, huh? And here I thought inefficiency was an American monopoly.

  2. I think you had to share it with us under NAFTA