Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet, sweet fundraising

The agency I work for is a non-profit.  This means that we run off of government funding, grants, donations and the like.  This is generally okay with me.  Although I like getting paid, I don’t like making money off of people.  Way back when I was a student, I had a retail job.  I was generally an excellent employee (obviously), except my numbers sucked because I just wasn’t comfortable pushing people to spend money.  Anyway, this is getting off track.

The point is – DONATIONS.  They are great.  Altruism is a wonderful thing.  People give money so we can keep our doors open helping others.  In my personal life I donate to a number of worthy causes as much as I feel I can.

One thing that happens a lot where I work bugs me however.  Internal fundraising.  The United Way drive (since we have programs funded by them), the loose change collections to fund an upcoming special event, the membership drives for which you pay an annual fee, collecting contributions for the silent auction, the cookie dough sales, whatever.  More so than when I worked at other places, it seems almost every month there is a new way they are looking for money.  Isn’t it enough that I work for you people for a pittance?* 

I may have ranted about this to co-workers before.  I may have complained about it a bit at team meetings. 

But then.  This afternoon I am sitting at my desk trying not to let my mind wander as I catch up on notes, but it’s happening – that infamous 3:00 wall.  I’m so hungry I can’t even think.  What to do?  Search my lunch bag and eat the half a stale granola bar that is left in there for some reason.  Not cutting it.  Search my desk drawers, come up with an old pack of soup crackers.  Not cutting it.  Until like magic, she appears! 

“hey Nectarine!  Team SuperAmazing is having a bake sale for the upcoming (enter name of agency fund-raising event).  We have chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon…”

Stop.  You had me at chocolate chip!  And there was free lemonade to boot!  Internal fundraising, me and my tummy thank you.  I have never been so happy to contribute.

*it’s not actually a pittance, I am grateful for the income I have.  But it’s not exactly big bucks either


  1. lol... not working now, but when i was in the workforce i particularly enjoyed girl guide cookie season!!! i remember it fondly. now that i'm not working, my source (my receptionist) has dried up!!!

    1. mmm...I used to be a GG and sell cookies, but I haven't had any since! I wish we had a seller in my office!
      My problem is more the raising of funds to support the actual organization I'm already working for, not outside charities.

  2. Have you thought about setting up an account with the online charity donation sites, then people sign up and as they shop on-line a small ammount feeds into you registered charity. It is a good way for most non-profit organisations to make money easily.

    Although the draw of the cookies is much better than simple on-line shopping but then people dont bring me in cookies everyday!

    1. It's a mid-sized organization, so there are folks in charge of fundraising. We do have larger initiatives as well as picking on employees to offer their spare change.

  3. Now that's the type of fundraising I can get behind. But seriously, I so hear you. I also work for a non-profit and it seems everytimes I turn around someone is looking at me to donate money out of my non-existent paycheck. I've had to say no so many times now, that I don't even feel guilty about it anymore. I help when I can, but I can't help everyone all of the time!