Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moving desks

always unearths some interesting things.  I've worked out of the same office for the past 4+ years, but this week am making the move to one of our other locations.  So far I have found copies of assessments we haven't used since 2009, boxes containing two out of date versions of my business cards, brochures for programs that no longer exist, a Palm Pilot case (!), and old papers.  Sooo much paper!  Who even uses paper anymore?

Okay, I use paper some times, but will avoid it when I can.  I had so many folders of handouts, resource guides, meeting minutes and the like, none of which I had looked at in the past 4 years.  I'll Google it before I open my file drawer.  When I go to a training, I usually ask for the presentation to be emailed to me.  If it's an agency wide training,  the information is scanned and made available in a shared network folder.

Is this finally the dawn of the "paperless office" we heard so much about in the 90s?  I, for one am happy to no longer be hoarding bits of dead trees in my workspace.   Everything seems lighter and cleaner!  Even spacious!  I rejoice in this clearing of clutter!  I revel in the ability to find resources at the "click" of a button!

Until the day the power goes out.  Then I'm screwed.  Here's hoping they have back-up power at that new office.  :p


  1. I hate all the little packets of useless information I get. I have no idea what to do with them. As a result, I have a desk drawer completely crammed full of papers containing useless information.

    1. Toss them! Recycle them! Put them through the shredder! It's totally therapeutic :)