Monday, February 14, 2011

And Another Thing...

Do you wish your clients a "Happy Valentine's Day?"  I don't celebrate personally, and it seems like a rather, ah, personal greeting for a professional relationship.  I've never settled on an answer for this one.


  1. No, it would be a bit weird for me. Mind, I don't celebrate it because I think it's a bit overcommercialised. I also think it would be inappropriate for me to mention it in my work. I might wish them a Merry Christmas/festivity of choice but I believe Valentine's day is a creation of the consumer society which tries to pressure us into buying things!

  2. I am not a professional, but to be honest I would find it kind of weird if a professional wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. I wouldn't say it to anyone unless I was in a relationship with them. Happy Christmas or Birthday is different, but just supposing we go with the view that Valentine's Day is about expressing love rather than a hideously over commercialised day for Hallmark et al, I see no reason why you would say it to anyone other than someone you're romantically involved in.