Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the Grind

I've just had a lovely extra long weekend.  I took last Friday off, and yesterday was a holiday for us (Family Day).  I got lots of sleep and am recovered from my cold.  So now I'm all refreshed and ready for...training. 

Actually, it's an ongoing session I've been attending about concurrent disorders (mental health and substance abuse - I understand in the U.S. this is referred to as dual disorders, co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis.  Which is extra confusing, because "dual diagnosis" here means mental health and developmental disability).  This is not an area of expertise for me, and I've really been enjoying the sessions.  Plus, lunch is provided - BONUS!

Later in the week I will also be attending "recovery" training.  Add to these a team meeting and monthly supervision and I have time for precisely two client appointments this week.  Yes, TWO

We're keeping that "client focus" alive.


  1. http://www.communitycare.co.uk/carespace/blogs/ladybird/archive/2011/02/21/co-ocuring-substance-misuse-and-psychosis-dual-diagnosis.aspx

    wondered if you would be interested in my blog posts about dual diagnosis

    love the blog by the way:)

  2. Thanks ladybird! I'll definately check out your post.