Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures at the Doctor's Office pt 2

Sometimes I read Dr. Grumpy and feel sorry for the doctors. Sometimes I sit in a waiting room and feel sorry for the patients!

A woman came in and I overheard this exchange:

Ms. Skrewd – Hello, I’m here early as usual!
Receptionist – I’m sorry, we don’t have you down for an appointment…
Ms. S – What do you mean? I see Dr. Nohelp twice a year to check my ____________. I booked this appointment 6 months ago!
Receptionist – (checking computer)…I’m sorry I really don’t see your name here. Although we did change our booking system a few months ago, so we may have lost your appointment.
Ms. S – Look, I had to take off work to be here. Can she fit me in?
Receptionist – She’s not here today. She’s never in on Wednesdays.
Ms. S – Well how soon could you book me in to see her?
Receptionist – I’m sorry, she’s about to go on maternity leave. This is her last week.

I think that’s when Ms. Skrewd’s head exploded. They did get her in to see one of the other doc’s however.


  1. Tough situation. Sometimes I feel for the receptionist as well..

  2. Totally. I should have said "doctor's office staff" rather than "doctors"