Monday, May 2, 2011

Case Manager: Expert in Everything

Voicemail left by a client over the weekend:

"I got my flyers today, they have a sale on an 8GB ipod for (insert $$ amount) and my sister says she can get an extra 10% with her seniors discount. Can you call me back and let me know if that is a good deal?"


  1. :-) Tho' you probably didn't think so at the time, it's a sort of backhanded compliment, perhaps. 'Who would know about XYZ ... oh, I know! I'll ask that smart woman!'

    So funny, and makes a nice change from the things I normally get asked to know about.

  2. True enough, and I was not insulted by the inquiry! He did end up buying it and I helped him to install the software for it on his computer :)