Thursday, July 7, 2011

Counting My (Summer) Blessings

The amazing weather from my extended long weekend has continued so far this week. This kind of beautiful Canadian summer makes almost me wish I had taken a Child & Youth option and gone to work in a school (that’s a big almost – I have great respect for people who work with kids, cause just the thought makes me shake in my boots) so I could have the summers off.

It’s been a little hard to focus back here at work. I’ve wasted much breath trying to convince several clients to go for a walk outside on our meetings. It works with a few, but the rest are suspect when I try a little too hard to sell them on the merits of all that extra vitamin D and exercise.

The one thing that keeps me buckling down is the countdown to my next vacation period. Even though my work doesn’t pay me enough to afford any type of exotic trip this vacation, I feel grateful to have this stimulating and challenging job, and to work in a place that appreciates the efforts it takes enough to offer us substantial vacation time.

I’m really looking forward to implementing my personal self-care plan in 16.5 days.

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