Friday, February 3, 2012

Bag Lady*

Yesterday I arrived to work carrying:

1. My work bag - contains my binder with forms, notebook, business cards and comes with me to all meetings and client appointments

2. My purse - contains personal, non work stuff like wallet, lip balm and ear plugs (they have come in handy, trust me)

3. My laptop bag - I don't usually bring this outside the office, but sometimes it's neccessity

4. A grocery bag - containing my contribution to the team pot luck (broccoli slaw - it was good)

5. My lunch bag - because despite the put luck luncheon, I was on my own for second breakfast, elevensies and afternoon tea

6. A gift bag - containing a very *lovely* purfume a client had gifted to me.  I told her I couldn't accept it but I had another client who would really appreciate it, and after it sitting in my car for a week, and me inhaling the fumes I really needed to give it to her.

7. My giant tea thermos.

Oh, and I had my crackberry in my pocket.

I think I need one of those personal organization assistant people** to help me.  Or I just need to listen to my 8 year old and use a backpack already.

*this term always gets this song stuck in my head

**this is a thing, right? These people really exist???


  1. Ha, it's amazing the amount of "stuff" we need as social workers.

    I also never go anywhere w/o my crackberry lol

  2. I couldn't live without my various bags. At least it feels that way.

  3. That's the sad thing, I'd feel kind of lost without it all!