Thursday, February 23, 2012

Venting x2


Twice in the past few days I have called the hospital Mental Health Outpatient Clinic to get an update on my client's waitlist status. 

Twice I have been informed that the client is not even on the list!  They have no record of a referral. 

In one case this client's doctor told him he made the referral in October.  In the other, the client told me her doctor referred her last summer!  This client is brand new to me, so we're off to a busy start.

The outpatient clinic has a four month wait list.  They both should have been seen by now.  Now I am trying to help each sort out what happened.


*I do not endorse this method of stress relief.  If you are feeling upset, talk to your counsellor.  If you don't have a counsellor, call your local mental health services you might get one in a year or two.
In the meantime just try not to throw anything at anybody.


  1. I can feel your frustration and totally get it...It's amazing the degree of incompetence one can find at different places and it's really hard when you have to work with an organization that is displaying a certain degree of this (or at least disorganization).

    Wishing you lots of luck (and a more effective and less painful method of stress relief than the one you have depicted)!

    1. Thanks DorleeM. As today is Friday, I think I will go for a glass of wine as opposed to banging my head around!

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  3. Man, that really IS frustrating!

  4. I have been here numerous times. Especially with clinics. And then when you finally get the appointment, it gets cancelled, they change it to a time the client can't come, the doctor doesn't show up......they don't have them down in the book...........