Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hierarchy of Care

Yesterday I took a client to a doctors appointment.  We arrived about 5 minutes before the appointment time, but as with most doctors this one was running late.  No biggie.  After being there about 25 minutes, we and one other gentleman are the last in the waiting room.  The doc calls the other guy in and tells us "there will be no more waiting, I am missing my lunch hour".  I told him I couldn't continue to wait over his lunch time, so he let the other guy hanging out to dry and took us instead.

I told him I appreciated him seeing my client first, and he told me that next time we should not expect our appointment to be on time.  I told him I was okay with waiting 20 minutes or so and try to account for this in my scheduling, but I have other appointments to get to as well.  So he said that when I am bringing a client to see him I should not book any appointments for the rest of the day.  Because he might have to fit in patients who are suicidal, or in crisis.  WHAT DOES HE THINK I DO ALL DAY????!?!?!!?

I get that doctors are busy.  Their job is important, and I have certainly been appreciative when they will rearrange their schedule to see one of my clients who is in crisis or suicidal or whatever.  But why is his schedule so much more important than mine so that he can tell me how to arrange my day, and how to do my job?  I have other people to see too!  And don't expect me to feel sorry that your lunch will be delayed when I had to eat a sandwich in my car while making the 40 kilometer trip to pick up this woman whom he will now see for 5 minutes.   I may have been more sympathetic if he hadn't been so rude about it.  An over-inflated sense of entitlement won't get you far with me.

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