Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Social Work Edition

Like absolutely everyone else, those of us in social work often find the days leading up to Christmas to be particularly hectic.  It can be a hard time of year for many of our clients, so they may need additional support.  There are many charitable goings-on that we may be involved in, and most of us hope to get a couple days off with our own families.

Here's a little ditty to give you an idea of what the holiday rush looks like for us.  Feel free to sing along!  (I'm not typing out the verses over and over, you all know how it goes!)

Twelve grocery gift cards

Eleven overdue assessments  

Ten client Christmas parties  

Nine home visits 

Eight food hamper deliveries  

Seven flu shot clinics    

Six church hall turkey dinners  

Five volunteers!!!!!    (we love our volunteers)

Four donated toy drives     

Three office potlucks  

Two emergency room visits    

And one last minute crisis call!



  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays :)

  2. ha ha that about sums up my christmas (and i'm a "client")...

  3. I realize now how spoiled I am. Christmas is always a very SLOW time of year at our clinic. We do outpatient psychotherapy for military service members (retired and active duty) and their dependents. It seems like most of my clients take vacations around the holidays. Nobody has time for therapy around Christmas.