Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get that "deep cleaning tingle!"

This was something I had never seen before.

I showed up the other day to see a client for a home visit and to drop off his medications which I pick up for him once a month. He’s an older guy with schizophrenia, who is also extremely obese. For the past year we’ve been working a lot on housekeeping and personal hygiene, both of which he has trouble looking after and issues which could put his housing at risk (there have been complaints to the building manager several times because of severe malodour).

We’ve had some great success of late. He has budgeted and scheduled for a cleaner to come once every two weeks and clean his apartment. He also got some help to install an air conditioning unit, which has really improved a space that I once had to leave in order to not pass out from the heat and smells.

So, back to the original point of this story – I show up the other day and he’s got blood all over his legs, from the knees down. I asked him what happened, and he says casually that his legs were itchy.


I needed some more explanation.

Apparently, he had soaked his feet for upwards of two hours in a chemical household cleaning solution in an effort to get them clean. He said that he stopped, and realized this was maybe not the best idea when his feet and legs started ITCHING and BURNING. “The cleaning lady wears gloves when she uses that stuff” he knowingly informed me.

O. M. G.

He seemed very non plussed by the whole thing, but then, that’s how he is with most every thing. I pleaded with him to wash his legs with some cool, clean water once I left, and asked him to please call his doctor or get some medical attention if the itching or burning came back.

Maybe I should have offered to get him a proper pedicure kit for next time. Although it might be a little sore to use a pumice stone for while yet...

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