Friday, December 17, 2010

No more sleeps

Today is my last day of work before I take some much needed vacation time. It's been a busy week (as usual) and I've tried to ensure that I would have everything in order before I went away, as I didn't want to spend today rushing to finish. I had a nice, quiet office day planned, with only one in office intake, and a supervision meeting in the afternoon. So I admit it: when I walked in this morning and saw my phone flashing with a voicemail message, I rolled my eyes. My brain wondered what kind of emergency or last minute mini-crisis was going to disrupt my day...

Turns out, it was just a client calling to say "Merry Christmas!"


  1. I think that way too.............especially because I can rarely remember a time when I didn't have a ton of problems explode right before a vacation or long weekend LOL.

  2. Nice!

    Merry Christmas, Ms. Mental. =)