Friday, March 30, 2012

Fiscal, Financial, Federal...there's probably one more "F" word I could add here...

Any one else feeling the end-of-fiscal-year crunch right about now?  I haven't posted much of late as I've had some time spent in all day trainings at I'm also trying to get all my notes, stats, logs and whatnot done in time for the end of fiscal.

Money pressures are everywhere at the moment.  When our final numbers are tallied soon, we'll find out if we (my program at work) made quota in order to maintain our current funding.

My taxes are all prepared, but I have yet to take that depressing step of actually submitting them (we owe this year due to my partners self-employment income).

And the big one of course is that both the Ontario and Federal budgets came down this week.  Like a hammer, each one.  I'm hoping to get a better look at them in the days to come.

Once I've done all this, I'm also going to go roll all my pennies to deposit in the bank before stores won't take them any more.  My old peanut butter jar is going to seem so empty from now on...*

*for those of you out of the loop, one of the federal budget items everyone is talking about is that the Conservative government has announced the end of the 1 cent coin in Canada.  No more "take a penny, leave a penny" in the Great White North.


  1. I'm fortunate in that I don't have to deal directly with money at my job. (I'm a contractor for the military). Still, the federal budget here in the States has a huge and sometimes immediate impact on our clinic. For example, during the whole debt ceiling/budget negotiating crisis last year there were a couple of times when a government shutdown was only narrowly avoided at the 11th hour. Everyone at work was on edge; if the government shuts down then we don't get paid.

    Sometimes I think I should stop listening to the news until this whole economic crisis blows over, just so I won't stress about it so much.

  2. Man, I WISH the states would quit minting the penny. It's gotten to the point that people use them as decorative elements on floors and furniture. Entire blog entries about it:

    They're ridiculous. They don't circulate them in the Eurozone, which is quite nice. You'll not miss them, I promise.

    1. In truth, I'm happy to see the penny go (especially considering they cost more than 1 cent to make!)