Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to Come

Meeting with a long time client yesterday, she asked me if I was leaving.  No, what gave you that idea?  She said that just before her last worker left (there was a transition in the agency) she had a dream predicting it.  Apparently she had a dream that I was now going somewhere else too.  Could this be a sign that my never-ending job search may soon produce an opportunity?  Hmm....

I'm also looking forward to seeing what the Mental Health Commision of Canada comes up with for it's mental health strategy.  The MHCC has a new chair whose vision for a Partners for Mental Health Coalition sounds interesting.  Currently, Canada is the only G-8 country without a national mental health strategy.


  1. I've heard that when a client dreams about a therapist (or worker or whatever) that it says something about how she feels about the relationship. Maybe she has a fear of being abandoned or something.

    1. Could be...although I've been supporting this woman for about 3 years and I don't think there have been any (significant) changes lately.