Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep your pants on!

A first today, although I'm surprised it hasn't happened before. I went to visit a client at his home, and he had left his porn out. DVD's on the coffee table, right in front of me. Also, he was wearing long underwear instead of pants.

It was a very short visit.

I could have said something to him, but didn't. Honestly, I expected he would go find some pants - this has happened before, that he answered the door in his long johns, and excused himself to his room before returning more properly dressed. As for the porn? I guess I could have said something about the appropriateness of exposing guests to this sort of thing, but I didn't want to get into it. He's a quiet, middle aged man who is only semi-fluent in English, mostly keeps to himself and is generally very polite and agreeable. He's an adult, and it's his house. That said, if it happens again, I will likely speak up.

And no, it was not a surprise visit. He knew I was coming.

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