Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Office FAIL

If I had a good picture to include, I would send it here.

I’m often annoyed by able-bodied people insisting on using the wheelchair/assessable button to automatically open the doors in my office building. They open the door incredibly slowly, and they prove to me that you are lazy. It comes up often, because they are on every door. EXCEPT THE WASHROOMS. WTF?

The worst part is there is an oversized wheelchair accessible stall and sink in the bathroom. But anyone who really needs it can’t get to it. So, to the 86 year old lady with a walker who comes in to see her doctor and was walking in front of me today at about 0.00000000000000002 km/hour, I hope you went before you left home!

1 comment:

  1. But you know what? They close relatively quickly, or I'm not as spire as I think I am! I often try to dash through them without scanning my badge as I rush in after someone and I've never been caught a number of times. But, they do take forever to open!!