Friday, March 19, 2010

Overheard at Work

Co-worker trying to be tactful with a client (who is up on some minor charges) on the phone:
“Please when you send me a fax, only send me the new information. I have 9 copies of your documents now
“Really, you only need to fax this stuff to your lawyer, he will determine where it needs to go, and if anyone else needs to be informed
“No, do not fax me
“No, I really don’t think the RCMP needs to see your information (!)

Reminded me of a client at my old job who would send 30-100 page faxes addressed to about 40 names and offices, including any social worker he’d ever heard the name of, the Director of the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the mayor, and several news outlets. Dude musta cost the Region hundreds in paper and recycling costs!

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