Monday, November 22, 2010

Beware those California Crazies!

I have to re-assess my clients twice a year. At that time they are given the opportunity to assess themselves and their own progress. They are given a questionnaire which they can fill out by themselves, or work through with my help. Some questions beg more interesting answers than others. A couple of my recent favourites to this question:

Is culture (heritage) an important part of your life?

(speaking to me)
-“Damn right!” (rolls up sleeve to show me tattoo of the Scottish flag)

(written answer returned to me)
-“Not really. You could be from California and still be mental.”


  1. lol! i love your blog! i work in healthcare so i can relate to the crazies no doubt haha.

  2. The clients I typically work with tend to be frequent users of all kinds of healthcare services, so doubtless you encounter many. Welcome!