Friday, November 5, 2010


I woke up. I was dark, and I had to pee. Shuffled my feet along the cold, cold floor with my eyes half open, making a point of not looking at the clock. I know that if I look at the clock and see the time, my brain will start calculating how many hours and minutes of sleep time are left, and I won’t GET back to sleep. I’ve learned this lesson well, and have my shuffle to the bathroom down pat at half-asleep mode.

Get to the bathroom, head back to bed and JUST (just!) lay my head down when the alarm goes off.

No kidding.

Downstairs a few minutes later and still more or less asleep, I poured juice onto my cereal. That’s what sort of day it’s setting up to be.

Daylight savings time cannot end soon enough!


  1. I use that tactic too (not looking at the clock) for the same reason. In fact, I don't keep a clock by my bedside anymore. Just a phone.

  2. The clock is not on my side of the bed, so that makes it easier!

  3. Also a good solution. Then you're forced to move over more when it goes off at a God-forsaken hour.