Monday, January 24, 2011


After noticing mentions of it by Tanya at Trench Warfare Too and cb at Fighting Monsters, I had to check out this “Top 50 Blogs by Social Work Professional.” Lo and behold, there I was! #30 Going Mental (you’re there too, Social Worker Mom) Hurrah! Allow me this moment of self-indulgence.

I still have a hard time thinking of myself as a "professional." The word seems to imply someone who is an expert in a field with years of experience...I guess when I think about it, I'm getting there. It’s also funny to see written there “a mental health worker with sympathy for her clients.” It’s very rare that I get any idea of how others perceive my blog. I mostly write it for my own enjoyment, venting and self-soothing, and I tend to think that the biggest strength of my blog is simply that I haven’t given up posting. Absolutely no one that I know if real life has been made aware that I write it (although if someone from my workplace were to stumble here, I’m sure I’d out myself pretty quickly) and all of my lovely followers have gotten here thanks to the good ol’internet.

So thanks, Social Work Blog. It’s nice to feel appreciated noticed.

Update: I realize that including a picture featuring men only is not very representative of social workers, but it was the best pic that came up when I searched "hurrah" - I like it.

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