Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Belated New Years!

Well, New Year’s day has come and gone and so far 2011 has been a blur! I realized that I hadn’t christened the year with a post yet, and thought I’d better reassure you all that I survived the holidays.

A quiet couple of days in the office at the end of December let me catch up on a lot of backlogged notes and assessments, so I was able to start this year with a clean slate. Let’s see how long I can keep up, hmm?

There are some changes that I know will be happening this year, and some that I am hoping for. Let’s start with some things I can count on:
In 2011…

 I will be transitioning away from doing Intakes, and back to full time case management. We’ve already started gradually increasing my case load which has been at about half for the past year.
 Our new office will open (likely Feb or March) and although I am staying put at the old location, this will certainly bring a lot of change!
 I will have a new niece or nephew…we’re expecting to meet them any day now!
 Two close friends are also expecting, so there will be babies abounding.
 AM and I will figure out our next plans for the house and keep fixin’er up.
 My best friend and I will mark 20 years since we first played on the teeter-totters together. We plan to celebrate by getting matching tattoos!

Things I’m hoping for in 2011…

 Getting our financial ducks in a row. I need to book a meeting with our advisor!
 I WILL learn to crochet! As soon as I get some of my current embroidery projects out of the way.
 The job search shall continue. *sigh*
 I want to find a volunteer opportunity that we can do as a family – AM, the kiddo and I.

When I’m making these resolutions, I try to think of them the way I work with my clients to develop goals – they need a plan, and timelines. I’m getting there.

Here’s to a grand 2011!


  1. Happy New Year (although it feels like months since the new year started!)

  2. Wow, such lofty goals! I didn't make any resolutions, other then to keep working out 4 x a week. Oh, and I resolved to go to Greece in May.