Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Snow Day that Wasn't

If your boss sends out an email on Tuesday warning of an oncoming snow storm and advising that if the schools are closed the office will be too, that should be taken as a definite sign that the office will be open on Wednesday. The warning email officially “jinx’s” the chance of a snow day.

Oh, it snowed alright. All night too. Just not quite enough to close things down. More than enough however to turn a 25 minute commute into a 75 minute heart attack.

On a happier (personal) note, my niece was born last night! Kiddo was excited because it was the day she picked in the baby poll. Apparently the whole family is doing well, and hopefully the roads will be cleared enough for us to go meet her tonight!


  1. Ha, same here. I am able to work from home for the most part on a non-snow day so I just took advantage of this perk today :)

  2. Sounds nice. I am supposed to have remote access to our system but a) I never bring by laptop home and b) it's slow and unreliable. That, plus I have to present a couple files at a meeting this afternoon.

    Oh well.